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Dave Wermuth

Who hid my paddle?
Am wondering about what I believe to be a 1911 CR OT CS grade with short decks. the ribs appear to not be tapered. Is that normal for that year/model? The canoe appears to have been cut down as it is barely 12" deep and the rib tops are in excellent condition. There was at least one rebuild along the way but I have not taken the canvas off to investigate. The quarter thwart is a very wide and substantial piece of wood fastened with one OT bolt per side, presumably for kneeling. Only see one cracked rib. A shoe keel was an add on. Also the outwhales are fastened from the inside and the holes have been puttied. Should the 'whales not be fastened from the outside at every third rib? The inwhale needs tips. I am reluctant after thinking about it to depart from the inside out fastening as there are enough holes in the inwhale as it is.

Were CR ribs tapered?
Were the outwhales fastened from the inside?
Putty wasn't standard was it?

Thanks, I'll probaly have more questions as I go.
1916 old towne ideal canoe

hi, i'm new here but wanted some info on my antique canoe, i've had it since the early 60's and do have a number i found on the inside # 42997 it's a 17' with all mahogney wood inside the canoe and on the gunwhales and decks, i did get the history from old town but wanted more can you help?
I'll add some pictures from the Old Town Catalog Collection available on CD from Dragonfly.

Here, I'll attach images of the 1911 Old Town Charles River, and information on the AA grade and the CS grade from that year. Will do a separate post with the 1916 canoe.

These catalogs are fun to browse and helpful in identifying and restoring canoes and understanding all the extras available at the time... well worth having... fun to share the information, too.


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Here I'll post images from the 1916 Old Town Catalog, showing the Ideal and also the Charles River.


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thank you

Thanks Gill and Kathy. I've not assessed this canoe too much but the high stems is not so high anymore. The outwhale is not rabbitted either. The planking goes all the way to the top of the ribs and flush with the gunwhales. Not sure why. No sign of rail caps but wasn't 1911 the open gunnel age? The rails may be replacements. It's got diamond head bolts. I'll post photos when I get a chance.