Whats first?


Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
I was wondering what is the first step in restoring the wood and canvas canoe I recently picked up. I ordered the wood and canvas canoe book. As I wait for it to arrive is there anything I can do to get started? Remove the canvas? Strip the varnish? or should I just wait for the book?



Well, I count at least 6 new ribs and lot of replaced planking....Check for cracks and/or breaks in the remaining ones....that will entail replacement at some point..Removing the canvas now would be a good way to check and see if any nails need re-clinching or if sections need replacement...also, taking off the outwales allows yhou to inspect the rib tips to ensure that none of those need replacing..Stem tips are one of the first things to go, so with the outwales off and the canvas off you will have a better idea of what you need to do...THEN...sit down and read the book!....Experience becomes the best teacher... good luck and keep us posted....
I think that bolt is actually a mushroom or something. :) Thanks for the info. I wanted to take off the canvas and outer gunnel but I wasn't sure if there was something I should know first.
Bill Mackey said:
Does it leak? Is it useable in its current condition, Don't fix it if it ain't broke.

I really don't know. I bought it as is just the other day. There are sections of the inner and outer gunnels that are rotted. There are several cracked ribs. Some of the planking feels soft. I would bet it floats but I want it to look good and be fully functional and solid.
Note of caution.....If you spot several more cracked or broken ribs like those replaced in a row in the photo graph, there is a BIg warning...replace every other one first....to do otherwise can distort the hull shape unless you take another step to prevent that!....Put this in the memory banks!....LOL
So I should not replace several ribs that are side by side. I should replace every other one first then I can go back and replace the ones that I skipped?
There is a wealth of information in various books that explain what can happen when you do repair work....I would suggest reading first and then proceeding with the repairs needed...get the canvas and the outwales off, see what needs fixing....Then ask after reading and others will jump in with experienced suggestions...Welcome to the world of confusion,frustration, and then joy, satisfaction, and pride in a task well performed:)
Thanks yes the plan is to read, then get started then start asking questions when I need to.