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Hi all,
This is my first post.
I am restoring an Old Town otca. 1955 or so. I recanvased this boat about 10 years ago and left it at my parents house (uncovered) for about 5 years.... (shame on me).
I have taken off the canvas and am stripping out the varnish now.
I have read different advise on sanding the interior of the deck (accross the grain). Should I just clean the boat out with the 2 stage teak cleaner as recommended by the Stelmok & Thurlow book and not sand at all?..
Also, I will be splicing in the stem tops and new end ribs because the tips are rotted through. I am wondering if anyone has a good detailed drawing or picture so I can reconstruct the deck/inwhale/stem connection?

Also, I plan on oiling (linseed and cuprinol) the boat as is recommended by the book. Both sides. Will this truely help restore the wood a bit?

Thanks so much,
Sanding - I assume you mean across the ribs and planking? A sanding star in 220 grit in does a good job and the cross grain sanding doesn't show too bad. Sanding will be necessary because the 2 part cleaner will raise the grain.

Oil - do a search on linseed oil on this forum about the advisability of using oil on the hull. Linseed oil is good fungus food! The old fillers had white lead that was an effective fungicide. The US version of cupernol does not do a good job protecting against rot (if you are in Canada - the products there still have the good stuff!) At a minimum, use a packet of fungicide in your oil.

Somewhere I have a picture of the stem/deck/inwale joint, but i recently changed computers and can't find a doggone thing. Maybe someone else will jump in.
Yes, someone jump in.

I have the same question with regards to my 1934 Old Town HW. How do the deck/gunnels/stem fit together?
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113932 said:
I have the same question with regards to my 1904 Old Town HW. How do the deck/gunnels/stem fit together?

There is a picture at http://forums.wcha.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=3723&d=1196096205 of what is probably an HW from before 1905. Please tell us more about yours. If this is just a typographical error and you ment to ask about your 1935 HW then the pictures at http://www.canoehullabaloo.com/beeby-canoe/A0002_1929_Old_Town_18_Canoe_96/album.html will be more helpful as Eric suggested previously.


Beebe has excellant photos. I believe his canoe is a Guide however, while mine is an HW. I could use a tracing of the tips for an HW.