What the heck kinda deal is that, anyway?

Bastien Brothers

While on the topic of Bastien Brothers, has anyone heard of or seen a 20 footer?

A friend of mine supposedly has a 20 footer, built in the later 1960's or early 70's. They may exist I guess, but I'm used to seeing smaller canoes by the Quebec builders.

Yes Bastien canoes over 20' are around. I've seen a few 20 footers, actually 19'8". IIRC, one had a beam 38". Another one I didn't measure had a beam of maybe 40" or over. I've also seen a 22' Picard you could go canoe camping with the kitchen sink and a shower... Christian Picard still makes them up to 25' on the old original open molds. There is not a big demand for these double-moose haulers.