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Andre Cloutier

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Thought I'd post some pictures of our latest find, several minds better than mine trying to identify


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A Toyota with something on the roof! Do I win a prize?

(who is obviously not claiming to be a better mind than you!)
Barnegat Bay Sneakbox?

Kind of looks like a Sneakbox, set up for a cat rig the way it is.

IIRC Sneakboxes started out as "working boats" for commercial duck hunters. Simple cat rig was used to keep running rigging simple and standing rigging non-existent.

They evolved to "fun" boats over the years and wound up being raced.
Not a sneakbox - they are much beamier, have scow bows, and a single mast. What you've got Andre, is a pretty neat looking decked sailing canoe. Kind of reminds me of the Union Boat Club One design (http://www.dragonflycanoe.com/d_canoes/index.html)

What are dimensions? How about details of construction? Close-ups of details... Can you determine if it was intended to be canvased or was that added to fix a leaky boat? One expert suggested the cockpit looks like a Ruggles - one of the key characteristics of a Ruggles is planking with thin metal splines in the seams - if your planking is apart enough, and you can find this, that would be a good clue.

More questions than answers, I'm afraid...
Thanks Dan, very close lines
it is carvel built and caulked, no metal, copper riveted on oak frames
the deck was originally canvased but not the hull, likely leaked later in its life
length is approx 17'3", beam around 35"
No rigs with it, but otherwise very sound - came out of eastern ontario