It IS a Morris! (Big thanks to Greg)

Kathryn Klos

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Just got word from Greg Nolan, who kindly picked up our latest eBay acquisition in Vermont and is transporting it to his house in Maine. Our mystery canoe IS a Morris! Couldn't tell for-sure from the pictures... and the long half-ribs were a confusing feature.

This canoe was a "buy-it-now" for $395, and I didn't dare wait for better pictures or answers to questions.

Greg will be taking pictures, which I'll share here. Denis and I will pick up the canoe on our way to the Assembly, where we'll show it off!

We now have seven Morris canoes-- and no two are alike. This new one is a 16 footer with some interesting features-- open gunwales, long decks, wide thwarts, and half-ribs that extend up the sides.




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Seller was plenty happy.... said he had a lot of "watchers" and a lot of questions... I think he was glad to sell the canoe "buy it now" and not have to figure out what people wanted to know-- he wasn't "an old canoe person".
Our New Morris

Thanks, Greg, for sending us the disk with such careful documentation, in pictures, of our new canoe.

I'll add another view to what's already posted. (We'll be taking the canoe to Assembly, after picking it up at Greg and Deborah's Maine house-- and meeting them in-person!)

May add more views tomorrow-- have to size them a bit smaller for uploading.



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chris pearson said:
Aaa, boy or girl? Cigars?;)

Canoes are all female--- that's why we have to keep finding them or building them... if we could breed them, the herd would expand without as much driving-around.