What is it worth?


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I have a 1962 17 foot Old Town canoe. I thought that I would be able to fix it up and use it. I have had it almost a year now and I can see that with my 3 small kids and an endless honeydo list and building a house that I am not going to get to it any time soon. I really hate to sell it but I would rather sell it than set it rot away before I can get to it. The problem is I don't know what it is worth. The wood in it is in good to real good shape. the canvas definetly needs to be replaced. I live in the Raliegh NC area and will try to post some pictures. I have a copy of the build sheet too.


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If I understand correctly My 17 foot Otca could be worth any where between $700 to $1500? I could not navigate to the FAQ section and find anything except new user info. I'm not sure how much yet.

Only if you find somebody that want's it real bad and has plenty of money.

I just gave an "estimate" to somebody who had a OT canoe in similar condition and year as yours, ie, needs canvas and revarnish, a few ribs and a bit of planking, no rot and recain seats, I told them I thought it was worth about $800 (and that it was too nice for me, as I usually limit "projects" to $500.)

For $1200 to $1500 it better be nice and a user, not a "project".

firemanleeg said:
I could not navigate to the FAQ section and find anything except new user info.

At the bottom of each section is a "display options" pull-down box. To see all the posts select "from beginning".

:confused: Havent a clue where you got your value estimates from, but from the condition of it that I can see by the pictures, dont get your hopes up!....Sorry about that!....Dont know where you are located, but I would search in here for a restorer near you and maybe get a quote on what it needs to be RESTORED!....Then take if from there as to its actual value as is! I will try to show you a pic of my 65 OTCA that I got for $350 and restored and now have it for sale for $1850 and that will go up as soon as the snow melts and I can show it around at the lakes here in N.H.


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Thanks I was not hoping for much anyway but I didn't want to get robbed. I will probably ask $300. If I get no takers in a month or two I'll do more research. thanks for everyone and your comments, you've been a great help every time I needed advice.
Your hull looks sound and may just need canvassing. A new house project will end eventually, I built my own it took to years to complete everything. That's when you will want a project of your own to regain your sanity. If you can hang it in the garage until then it will still look like a great project. If you sell it now it may take you a long time to find a replacement in two years, especially one that is that sound. Good luck.
I second that.

If it is sound and the ribs are not broken I would give 300-400 for it as is if I were looking for one and I did not have to drive cross country. I think 1500 is a pretty common price for a good restored average OT canoe. But I'm with Mackey. Hang it up in the garage out of the way. Or at least covered and well ventilated. Yours doesn't appear to have any rot? Or ever been rebuilt before? That eagle looks nice.
I just took another good look at the photos you included and I tend to agree with the logic of storing it properly until the day comes when you think you have time to get a hobby and restoration is a great hobby and not "Rocket Science"........It appears to be sound and if so there is a wealth of information on here on the "how too's".............$300 is a fair price if you just want it out of the yard, but why not give yourself some time to make that decision that some day you may regret!
My favorite saying is:..... "It isnt how man strokes of the paddle it takes to get there, its the Joy that is in the journey"
I now have NINE in the yard, some done, some almost , and some waiting patiently.........its an obsessive compulsive thing that magically happens after you do the first one, step back, and get that little smile on your face!;)