1952 old town Canoe. Wondering it's worth if I should sell it.


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We've had an Old Town Canoe in the family since 1952. Wood and canvas. My wife's grandfather worked in the factory long ago. She's from Old Town btw. We haven't used it for a very long time and would like to sell it and get it to a home where someone might like to use/restore it. It's been stored inside. The canoe was green but was repainted in the white/red like the header picture above on this website. The caining on the seats were replaced with hard panels long ago. And the gunnels have been painted brown. Sad I know. I didn't do it. Otherwise it's in decent shape. The paint on the has some cracks in it but the thing holds water out. Wondering a ballpark for what it might be worth to sell it if anyone might know from this description.
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The information at the first link below and similar canoes listed in the classifieds at https://www.woodencanoe.org/classifieds should answer your question. The condition of the canvas will be a major factor. A canoe that needs the canvas replaced immediately is worth much less than one that can be used for a few more years. A quick water test will usually answer this question quickly. The second link below explains how to create a classified listing which is commonly the fastest way to find a good new home for a canoe like yours. Good luck with the sale,


When I want to price something, I check any local classifieds, Craigslist, FB Marketplace, and sold on Ebay. Disregard the highest prices and longtime listings, then price yours at or below the lowest nearby. Unless it's rare and in demand, a canoe needing work is probably worth less than $1000, often a lot less. I believe there are more Old Town canoes than buyers. Good luck with yours, I hope it finds a good home.