Videos on Youtube

Mike Heines

Upstate Canoe Sailor
I have started watching short videos on Youtube. There are several canoe related videos available for viewing, usually amateur stuff about trips or races involving canoes. What do you all think about posting our WCHA video to Youtube?
WCHA on Youtube

That's footage of the 2006 Assembly-- found by searching "Wooden Canoe Heritage". Great publicity, and fun to find it there.

I may try to put up some 2007 footage, but I have dial-up so things take forever to load and send.

There are several interesting canoe-restoration projects documented on Youtube. It's a good way to actually show how something is done.
I've already been in touch with Mike about putting it into a suitable format and streaming it from our own site. Stay tuned...

Guess I should have read this response before posting in the other section! The WCHA video is great, but getting people to actually sit and watch it at a sporting show isn't easy... those folks want to keep moving.