Very Cool: Assembly 2010 Story is Now on YouTube!

Kathryn Klos

squirrel whisperer
The Assembly story that ran on WMUR-TV has been uploaded to YouTube! This story is great-- it says what the WCHA is all about, yet it was done as a news feature, not by us. YouTube reaches a wide audience. More canoes will be saved... more people will enjoy canoeing... more will join the WCHA, and we'll make more good friends...

All I did was email the station and ask if they'd put the story on YouTube--- this really made my day!

What a great spot. Thanks for asking them to post that. I really love the look of the "Mary Betz" Any idea where to find plans for it?
(I suppose I could just google it)
Mary Betz

Mary Betz was built by Kevin Martin in Epping, NH. He builds Charles River Courting canoes on an original Kingsbury form. He shows up on this forum a fair bit and also on the WCHA Facebook page. His website is here: