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Dave Wermuth

Who hid my paddle?

On ebay. Is this a Willits?
I'm guessing it ain't no Carleton? Or Old Town?

NOT a Willits! Looks like a plycraft or something like that that someone used Old Town bolts on. I am sure Dan will pipe up with his vastly more informed opinion.

It's a "Weldwood"... see the logo pictured. Here's a page from Penn Yan showing their Weldwood construction, but Old Town and others built similar molded plywood canoes. Benson posted about this once quite a while back.



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I wondered

i THOUGHT i HAD RECALLED SOMEthing about OT molded ply but couldn't be sure. Maybe it is an OT? Would Weld Wood be a style? So, did PY make a weld wood? I'm slow.I do not care much for the caps lock key.
Attached is an Old Town build record that I saved from Benson's post some time ago. It shows that Old Town did produce a canoe called Weldwood. And according to the Penn Yan catalog, so did they. And then there were other builders that produced similar canoes, though they didn't call them "Weldwood"... these builders included Haskell, Plycraft, and Max Anderssons. There was some discussion on these forums about a Max Anderssons canoe a few years ago. And if you have back issues of Wooden canoe, numbers 103 and 105 have thorough articles on molded mahogany canoes (the term "molded" NOT referring to mahogany covered with mildew).

Note that the grain runs gunwale to gunwale (often or always on a diagonal) in these canoes; in Willits and other double-planked cedar canoes, the inner planking runs gunwale to gunwale, while outer planking runs stem to stem.

Search "weldwood", "Anderssons", "Haskell", etc. and some previous discussions should pop up. Don't know why, but I've never been a big fan of these either.



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Gil Cramer said:
Maybe Benson has some insight on this canoe.

I have asked the seller to look for a serial number but he responded saying "I CHECK THE WHOLE CANOE CANT FINE S/N" so this appears to indicate that it doesn't have one. There are some canoes like this that have Old Town serial numbers as mentioned previously and shown at http://forums.wcha.org/showthread.php?t=1248 here. I agree that Old Town's Weldwood hulls were probably produced elsewhere.