Treating Canvas


LOVES Wooden Canoes

I just purchased some canvas from a canoe mfr that is mildew-cide untreated.

After reading some related posts, I still have a few questions, please…

- Does it have to be treated on both sides?

- What product would be most recommendable for treating it?

- Should I spray it on or mix it in with the filler? And still be oil paint

If sprayed on, can I still burn off the fuzz after it being saturated with such (potentially toxic?) product?

Your suggestions will be most appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Hi Frank

You mix it in the filler. I saw some at TSC the other day. TSC being tractor sales co. Home Despot has it.

And, And, as far as burning the fuzz off. gil says it ain't needed and I'm going to skip the fuzz burning operation on my next canvas job. the last one by the way played a little joke on me and started a fire on one thread that followed up to another and another. i smelled smoke and thought, "Gee, are the neighbers burning something?" i moved the canoe and went out to look for the source of the fire. when i came back i saw an evil, (and I mean evil) glow coming from the edge of the canoe at the stem. i put it out quickly, no need to dawdle when a canoe is on fire. Fortunately it was a slow burn and did not burn off any thing important. If it's good enough for Gil, it's good enough for me.
Thanks, Dave

I think I have it figured out now. I talked with my guru, Alex C., and he showed me the way.

I hear you on the fire hazard of torching the fuzz. I'll keep that in mind.