Treated or Untreated Canvas?

Tom Wiarda

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Another first timer's question. Should I spend a little more and buy canvas treated with fungicide or buy regular untreated canvas and apply the fungicide later? If the fungicide is added later what is the product and how is it applied? Thanks, Tom
Hi Tom

Here's my disclaimer. I am not sure but here's what I do.
I use regular canvas and the filler has mildewcide.

I could get some mildewcide packets and a big tub and mix up a batch, but this is the disclaimer part. Or throw the canvas in the washing machine with some mildewcide.

Maybe some one in the know will explain the finer points.
Check carefully. A lot of canvas mildewcides have arsenic as one of their main active ingredients. I don't know about you, but I really don't want that in the same machine where my clothing gets washed.