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Hi, please bear with me for the first part of this while I state what is probably the obvious to anyone that has been on WCHA for a while.

Being new to the site, and to boat building, you'd imagine that I'm surfing the site up and down looking for more and more info to aid in my quest. While doing this, I found that there were very few topics in some of the boards. One of which was the All Wood board. But in that board it says that there should be something like 86 topics. Why was I only seeing only 5?

Thats when I stumbled accross the Display Options down at the bottom of the page. If I set that to show from the "beginning", then all the topics show up.

The way this is set up right now, to only show topics from the last month, leads guests to believe that the site is much smaller than it really is. It also hinders a newbies search for info, since they don't know that setting is there.

My suggestion is pretty simple, by default, the tread display should be set at "beginning". Openning up the boards like that may lead to new users sticking around instead of not finding what they're looking for and moving off to other sites.

Being a webmaster for my own site, I know how very important this really is.
(my site is in my sig below, run from the server sitting right below me here)
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I did find the setting to change this for my personal profile, though that doesn't do anything for guests and newbies who aren't as web savy as I've become through the years.

For anyone else looking for the setting to show ALL treads by default;

Click "User CP"
Click "Edit Options"
Scroll down till you get to "Thread Display Options"
At the bottom of that section, there is an option called "Default Thread Age Cut Off"
Change that to "Show All Threads" and the forum will then show all threads.
Be sure to click "Save Changes"
I have just changed the default behavior for each forum to be "Show All Threads" now. Suggestions like this are much appreciated so please let us know if you or anyone else have any others. Thanks,