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pat chapman

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Would it be possible to put up a page somewhere on the WCHA site that contains Board of Directors meeting minutes and financial reports (and any other info about the Board that would be appropriate)?

Maybe it's already there and I just haven't found it! I doubt it is an appropriate forum category, so maybe just a page somewhere on the site that is not interactive, but contains information on what the Board has been up to. It occurred to me after I got my ballot in Wooden Canoe yesterday that I know precious little about what the board has been up to and so I'm not very informed about the candidates I'm asked to vote for.

I'm curious whether other members think this or some other method would be useful.
Pat and other interested folks,

The official annual report that summarizes all actions taken by the Board of Directors, as well as the Financial Statement, is found in Issue 130 (August 2005). Actions taken at the winter board meeting are summarized in Issue 128 (April 2005). Other actions taken by the board outside of these meetings are usually reported in the President's Message in the journal shortly after they occur. Since all members receive the journal, there really is no reason to duplicate them on the website. (Members who joined after the publication of these issues, and who wish to see these reports, can contact me directly and I will provide).

Any further questions can be directed towards one of more of the board members - our contact information is in the front of every issue of the journal.

Dan Miller
WCHA Board Member and Assistant WCHA Webmaster