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Curious about Wooden Canoes
I donated a 3' wall piece made of sinker cypress that had a carved canoe on it. Does any body know who bought it and possibly how much it went for. I'm down here in Louisiana so its difficult for me to get involved, but am curious how the piece went over. Thanks, Don McCaughey
Hello Don,
I will go through the paperwork we have for the auction, there were so many great items thanks to generous people such as yourself; off the top of my head I dont recall but I will look into it.
Thank you again,
3' wall piece from Assembly

Hi Don, if what you donated was a half of a canoe (so it laid flat against the wall) yes, it was in the raffle and was won by Bill and Jeanette Hart, from our MI. chapter and are friends of ours. In a matter of fact we brought the beautiful piece back with us as they had to leave early. They were quite excited about winning it.
Mike, Thanks for that information. You can tell them that the wood it was made from came from the bottom of the Sabine River a few miles above Interstate 10 where it sunk on the way to the mills bellow the Interstate in Orange Tex.
Mike, I just read about your chapters canoe trip in the new Wooden Canoe writen by the Harts. Pretty cool to know they got my wall piece. Thanks