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As I've been prodded into looking after the auction, its time I send out the inevitable post looking for donations and assistance. The total has been breaking its own record the last few years it would be wonderful to maintain the same momentum and not be at the healm the year it went backwards! Several members and chapters have graciously committed items already, so I would like to call on everyone who participates in the forum to give some thought to anything they might be able to contribute, albeit outdoors/canoe related in some way. Of course this can take the form of one's own handywork, brand new or vintage items. As the auction is a major source of revenue for the WCHA its a great way to contribute to the bottom line and continued vitality of the organization. Of course one need not attend, as items have been shipped out in past years by offering members. Having donated items for several years now its gratifying to see them bid on and off to a new home where they're appreciated. At a minimum its some great free advertising for any builders or suppliers who might be convinced to donate something.
Down off the soapbox now, see you at assembly.:)
Just replying to keep this on top so its read!
As a suggestion for anyone that might be able to secure some items for the auction, I am acquainted with the owner of Badger Paddles, and upon suggesting we could put his product before hundreds of potential customers for quality all wood paddles he willingly donated to the auction. Much more effective advertising cost-for-cost, for the sake of one unit.;)
Coincidentally, I met "little" Mike (who is not little at all) at Paddlefest in Toronto this past weekend. We spent a good amount of time "chewing the fat" about paddles and other paddle makers, current and retired.
A big thank you

To everyone who participated in the auction, from donating articles to bidding on same and helping with the organization and execution. It appears that we raised in the neighbourhood of 12k for the WCHA, another record year on an incredible upward trend.

Congrats my friend, you made it great. Your quick wit made it very interesting and fun. You did a great job. Best items by far was the pair of Gerrish bookcases you donated.;)