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here are some pics i took of the canoe which as the previous note stated was built in 1965 and i believe may be a Louis Picard/Huron Village...I hope these may help some of you in judging whether it is a Picard / for the pics ...picture of the old deck ...replaced /picture of the short ribs....pic of the babiche seat...lowered these this year...pic of the bow profile....and one of the canoe shape


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Looks just like mine. Confirmed Louis Picard by the serial number stamped on the inwale. Half ribs on the floor and deck shape (though I've since replaced the decks), and the grommet washers for the keel. The stem on mine has a bit more recurve up to the the deck, but your pics show a very familiar form. She paddles great on flat and Class II whitewater and being a Huron, I'm not afraid to get a little rough in the water or as I repair.

Does yours have the vinyl inpregnated canvas on?
Louis Picard

When I got it given to me by a friend whose son I had attempted to guide through the restoration process(he got girlfriends /university and marriage so that was over for the restoration ) it had been poorly restored /butchered actually ./...with the rot in the stems resined and capped with triangles of plywood ....the canvas had been applied with and over poor restoration ....stripped back the canvas at the stems and repaired/replaced the stems and decks ...reworked the canvas back onto the stems and sealed it ....2 years ago i lowered the seats the long answer is ...the canvas is traditional with filler and a great Malachy green paint ....i have a smaller stripper that i prefer to paddle but i take out the 'big canoe" a few times ..and enjoy it on flat water (my day is complete when i have had my early morning paddle to the government dock and back ) ...thanks for the response and enjoy your summer ....david