Huron questions


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Like said in another thread, I recently acquired an old Picard huron canoe,
in wonderful shape. The previous owner acquired it, and asked Cristian Picard to change the canvas in 1993. This canvas is in very good shape, waterproof,
no discoloration, and looks like it has rubber on it... Is it verolite ?

Also, I didn't find the usual serial number on it (starting with ZLP for the old Louis Picard, and QPK for Christian, the new owner of the business).
maybe this canoe is too old to have a serial number ?
Instead, on the outside gunwale rear left, I found C4362220738,
and in both inwales, center, CH and further CL.
I can't find an explanation fot these.
Thank you for your help.