Huron canoe question


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I found a pretty good huron canoe, asking only varnish and paint touch ups.
(varnish on some used ribs, the gunwales and decks...
Everywhere, maybe. And paint on the keel).
The canoe is a Picard (Made by Louis possibly...
At least before Christian took the business).
I need to know what type of varnish I should use
(either the same used originally, or one reacting well with the old one),
as well as the paint I should choose
(the canvas was remade by Christian Picard a few years ago,
so the paint is more recent).
Also, Christian Picard didn't use stainless screws to re-attach the keel and gunwales,
and I would like to replace them,
so what should I do to re-screw the keel in a waterproof way ?
Sorry for all these questions, it's my very first (light) restoration project.
I attach a few pics for you to see the project.


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