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Louis Picard Suspect

I read with interest a post by Louis Michaud 08-30-2005 regarding
> identification of a Louis Picard canoe.The canoe I have was indicated
> to me as being built in Huron Village in 1965.(it spent its life on
> Lake Muskoka near Gravenhurst Ontario) ..there are no serial numbers
> visible but in repairing it I replaced the simple semi circle edge
> decks which were not recessed like a Bastien ...just like a Picard
> .The half ribs read just like a Picard"uneven "..rawhide
> seats...simple thwarts(have replaced the centre thwart )(removed the
> inwhale caps) ...no name plate but the only identifying mark is that
> an "EMILE" wrote in pencil his name on the underside of the forward
> thwart (there in 1965)...I know Emile is a commen name but any clues
> would be gratefully received...The canoe has been repaired and
> recanvassed and I prize it dearly...light in the water and responsive
> ...new decks and a bit of support to the stems as these were rotted
> near the decks ...at 40 plus years she wears her age well...comments and clues greatly appreciated......the Olde
> Curmudgeon
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