Stupid questions asked at Canadian parks;


Hey Rob;

That was great, I live in the Huron National Forest in Michigan
The number one complant to the ranger station is Why don't
you remove more trees in the camp ground, for better satelite
TV reseption. This is for real !!!
Later Dave
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Tourist humor

Years ago I worked at Seney Nat. Wildlife Refuge. Here are couple questions I got. "How do you know when to let the animals out so we can see them?" "How do you get the animals back in their cages?"
But my favorite wasn't a question. I lead the evening guided tours. At the end of the tour I would let the people out of the gate at the end ,then lock the gate. We got a lot of rain that summer and sometimes in the East there would be a rainbow. The road exiting the refuge faced East. On this particular night there was a spectacular double rainbow. Very brilliant colors. I let the folks out, locked the gate and headed back to the visitor center. A woman followed me all the way back. When we got there she got out of her car and came over to me and thanked me for having that beautiful rainbow there at the end of the tour. And she was serious. Hey - I've got pull !!!!!
Denis :D
Dennis - There is a Book called "10 years on the rock pile" written by a researcher living in the weather station on top of Mount Washington, NH. One of their favorite things to spoof the tourists was to pull out chairs and a megaphone and "direct" the sunset. "OK - Lower now, bring up the reds - little less orange - looks good".

Is this a good time to ask why we park on the driveway and drive on the parkway? or why sour cream has an expiry date? or why drive thru ABMs have braile on the buttons?
sorry, thought this forum might finally yield some answers.
Thanks Mike --love it!
And why would you want to unthaw your meat to cook it or heat hot water in your hotwater heater. :confused: