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I am really interested in building a wooden canoe and have been looking at different types of construction. I have made my mind up as I want to do a Stripper canoe. What are some good books to start with and any recommendations as far a what kind of canoe model design to go with. I want to be able to paddle decent with one person but have the option to be a two person canoe. Will be on mostly slow rivers and small lakes. Might also want to be able to pack some gear into the canoe and go camping. Is this too much to ask for in a canoe design. looking forward to all your comments.
Hello Badger--

The following book is in the WCHA store and is probably available other places too--

It should give you some ideas, and others here will eventually chime in.

I had a nice little 14 foot stripper that was fun to paddle solo but was certainly adequate for tandem paddling, with a dog too. The canoe was an eBay purchase and had been used for camping in the Boundary Waters.

You should also get Canoecraft by Moores and Moore, it's the standard by which all others are judged, they also show a bit higher level of workmanship.

Do a google search for strip canoes, you'll find many sites showing how to build strip canoes.

Before you decide on which design to build, if at all possible, paddle it.

Hi again, Badger--

If you click on the "search" function above and type in Todd Bradshaw's name, you'll find posts with helpful discussions-- not only by Todd but others who have information regarding stripper-building and fiberglass. This is a field I know nothing about, other that what I learn from the posts here in Forums, which are very impressive.

Here's a couple sites you should be familar with if you are building strippers.

The Newfound site has a good "Construction Notes" section NOTES12-05.pdf

with lots of excellent tips. Their designs are very good as well. And do look through the Bear Mountain designs, they are top quality.

Also check out John Michne's site. He has some interesting stuff in the "Builders Corner". site home.htm

Good luck and have fun.
Thank you everyone for the feedback so far. I have gotten a couple of books so far and have talked to a local shop that builds strip canoes. Between the books and the WCHA and other web resources and the local shop I feel that I am in really good hands.

Kind of a interesting story is that I follow UW Madison hockey here in Madison WI. GO RED. The hockey team is a member of the WCHA also (Western Collegiate Hockey Association). I was just googling WCHA one day to get scores for hockey and instead I found Wooden Canoe Heritage Association. My plan was to build a canoe before I found this Association.