some guidance needed


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Hey all Todd here!!!

I'm new to the forum, and what a great resource it is!!! I'm in need of suggestions and guidance from those that know more than I do (not hard).

My wife and I would like to build a canoe, but I'm not sure what to look for? I built a stitch and glue 18' kayak so I have some building experience. Now that my kids are old enough to go camping and start recreating with my wife an I we would like to get into canoeing. So we want something that is stable (because of the kids), and can hold some weight (2 adults me 250 wife 140 she won't mine me saying LOL) plus the kids, plus gear (fishing stuff or even camping gear for some 2-4 day trips mostly lake and slow water for now. Our canoe skills are limited at this time, myself with kayaking skills but I know that's not the same. What canoes should I be looking at and even what companies with kits could I look at. Knowing myself it would be wise to get a kit unless I had someone that lived near me that could help with making strips.

I hope some good suggestions can be thrown out there to help me out. Thanks all.