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This is going to be really basic. I picked up a wood canvas canoe about 35 years ago that was recovered in fiberglass. It’s been hanging in my garage waiting for me to restore it. Almost all the fiberglass is gone. I keep thinking that I’d do it in the summer but I always seem to be to busy so I’m thinking of making it a winter project. I live in Wisconsin so I’d need something with a ,title heat.

I might tackle it in half of my two car garage but I’m thinking maybe I should rent some space. My question is how much space do I need? Obviously I’d save any chemical stripping work for the outdoors.


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Funny thing. I just started reading “This Old Canoe” by Mike Elliott that my daughter got me for Christmas last year. I found my answer on page 5. I’ll do more reading/research before I ask another question.


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Before I built my shop, I restored several in our two-car garage. Doesn't require much width, but must be long enough to rig a canvas stretching rig if you plan to canvas in there.

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One car garage will allow you to refinish and do repairs. You can stretch canvas outside between trees or cars, then bring it back in for fill and paint.


I work in a small cellar. I have room for two canoes, my table saw and a work bench. I carry the canoes in and out through our family room. It's tight but it works.
I canvas in the garage. I hang canoes diagonally corner to corner in a single bay.
When I canvas my 20 footer this spring I'll need to work outside and hang it between a couple trees. It's too big for my garage setup.