solo paddling with a Otca


Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
I had my Otca out on the water yesterday and had a little time to try some solo techniques. I am new at this, but leaned the canoe over on the right side, paddling from the center section of the boat. It is much easier to handle this way. Even a good headwind was manageable by moving forward of the front seat and paddling there. However, it was not easy to lean the canoe and I think this Otca may not be the best for this technique. It is 16 feet long, has a keel, and the bottom is pretty flat, if no rocker at all. I plan on continuing my study of solo technique, mainly through books and DVDs, since I don't get much on the water time with 2 kids under three years of age. But am I right about the Otca's handling characteristics? It seems to be an excellent canoe for large amount of gear and people, but perhaps not the best solo paddler.

I think you answered your own question.

My Otca seems to be an all-around canoe. Handles white water w/ 2 or 3 people as well as a lake w/ 2 people and gear for a camping trip. I can paddle it solo but it's not the same as a short canoe w/ a lot of rocker...

This canoe has done everything I've ever wanted to do in a conoe, but I'm kinda partial and I like the way it handles. I prefer the tumblehome sides too.