Should I re-re-canvas?


Recent postings regarding treated canvas present me with a possible problem. I have a 14’ canoe of unknown make that I began restoring 8 years ago. I replaced a dozen ribs, some planking, both inwales, both decks, and one thwart. I also re-canvassed it, and it is filled and sanded. For a variety of reasons, the canoe then went into the barn, where it has sat for 8 years.

My problem: I did not buy treated canvas, nor did I apply mildicide. Should I remove that new canvas and do it again properly, given that I have yet to install outwales and paint it? Or, paint it, use it until it rots, and then deal with it? With moderate use and indoor storage, how long, roughly, will I have before re-canvassing is required with option #2.

Don't fix what ain't broke.

You haven;t enough time to use the canoe and now you want to spend hours working on it. Get it in the water and use it, and spend time fixing it only when it tells you it needs it. That's my opinion and I'm proud of it.
Heck, you have gold mine there! Everyone is always worried if they have waited long enough for their filler to dry. You can rest easy at night knowing that what ever problem that may come up, its not because you didn't let the filler dry. YOU are the filler drying CHAMP!:)
Paint it, use it, don't worry about it!
A well known w/c canoe builder and restorer I know refused to treat the untreated canvas he used. His theory was that " if it kills bugs it will eventually kill me". In all the years he was in business he claims to have never had a come back. Since most w/c canoes are now for pleasure and dry stored when not in use the odds are that the canvas will out last most, if not all, of us. If the canoe is not cared for the canvas will rot but so will the wood.
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Even the self-proclaimed "King of Procrastination" (Me - last restoration took 3 years) says paddle it, care for it and don't worry!