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Shelldrake- Good idea! Thats a very handsome model over your door!
I've had a half of a half model over my exterior door for some time. The weather finally deformed it quite a bit and I had to take it down this year. If I had known it would last as long as it did, I would of taken more care in mounting it. The better half of the half model is over the inside of the door and its just fine!
Benson- thanks for the mailbox support photo but I also had to include a better picture of of mailbox.


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Love the mailbox Rollin. Is it solid wood?

I took the lines for my 1/2 model from you and Jerry's book. One of these days I need to take it down and re-paint it.
With the promise of oysters and smoked ribs I convinced some friends to help build a workshop. Much fun has been had by all! Will post progress and continue to ask for advice as this project rolls along. 20' x 24' by 19' in height and will be two story. MTF
New to my shop...

4 new fluorescent light fixtures mounted on the center barn beams

And, most exciting, a Delta Milwaukee Crescent 20" band saw. Free from a local shop, made the same year as me... 1952!

Wow! That bandsaw is a nice gift.
I'll say! Probably overkill for most tasks, but I can see some re-sawing capabilities that are interesting to contemplate. I am looking forward to experimenting with using the bandsaw to hog off the bulk of paddle blade thickness. There's plenty of vertical capacity for that.
That bandsaw is a beaut! Saw some LED strip lights that interested me but have a handful of lights I will mount until I decide what to end up with. I said it before Patrick but love those flooring planks