Earl Grey tea Vs. bare cedar :(


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Bugger! While getting the finishing touches done on the inside of my '27 Old Town in prep for stain on new ribs and then linseed for entire canoe I spilled come of my cup of tea across some planking and three old ribs. I toweled up what I could and tossed fine cedar saw dust on the rest before I had to leave the shop on a pressing chore.
So....Do I now need to brew up a huge pot of tea and do the entire interior or what? ARGHHHHH.
If it really left that noticible a stain then bleach it out. Otherwise when you stain your ribs and planks the tea stain will disappear under the darker stain.
Pictures please! Earl Grey is my favourite next to Lapsang Souchong.

It was also the one day I did not bring the camera to the shop :-( I did have the canoe shop owner check it for me later and he did not see a problem. It could be that the combo of drying and being absorbed up into the fine wood dust has very much minimized the stain. Might be able to check tomorrow (If I call in sick from work). Almost done with the sanding sanding sanding sanding sanding sanding sanding.......
If it is that light than it will not have any affect on the stain and oil you are going to be putting on. So don't worry about it.
Just occurred to me that I can do a test section on a part of one of the old ribs. I have been using them to check colors. Right now it looks as if the old wood will come out just great with linseed alone. I am concentrating on trying to match in the new ribs (six) and some planking. Having a great time with this restoration. I have never done a restoration without welding before :)
Well, the good news is that tea (at least the way I brew it) makes a lousy stain. There is a faint hint of it left and nothing to worry about. Now back to sanding and sanding and sanding........