Serial #23489


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I have a wood/canvas canoe with the serial #23489. I believe it is a Chestnut and would like to find out what model it is. Does anyone have that information? Thank you.
If this is a Chestnut then there is very little that anyone can tell you from the serial number since none of their records are known to still exist. If this canoe is a 16 foot long with closed gunwales then it may be an Old Town. This serial number does not appear in the Kennebec or Carleton canoe company records. You may want to spend some time in the Wood Canoe Identification Guide at to see if you can identify your canoe from any other characteristics. Some of the other people here may be able to identify it if you can post some pictures, dimensions, or other information.

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Hello Benson,

Thank you for the information. I'll do some digging and get some dimensions and see where that leads.