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Curious about Wooden Canoes
I just picked up what i believe to be an Old Town wood/canvas canoe in NJ. I would appreciate any information you have on it. The serial number is 94575. I can't wait to hear from you. It needs restoration and I just need to clear out some garage space. Thanks for the info in advance..
Ot 94575


This canoe was shipped on February 27, 1925, to Dover, N.J. It was built as a 17' Otca Model, grade "AA" with mahogany gunwales, decks, seats and thwarts. It was also ordered with a keel, floor rack and a special #23 paint design. Check the latest Wooden Canoe for this design. The build record is attached.

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Thank you

Thanks Ric for your timely and helpful response. I am not a member of the wcha yet, but will be joining. The keel wasn't with the boat when I got it, however i thought maybe it had one at some point. Maybe i'll give the owner a call, he might have it in his garage. I ordered a few books that are mentioned a lot and can't wait to get started. I am totally new to a project like this so I am eager to learn. Thanks again for your help. I love the build record. Stan