ser # 167-15


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I bought what I thought was an old cedar canoe about four years ago. I found it perticularly interesting to me because it was built as a sailing canoe and I love both sailing and canoeing. I was told that this canoe was originally canvas covered. I have most of the original equipment-mast,sail,rudder,2-side boards minus the cross piece,and of course the canoe which i feel is in pretty good condition. If I could get any background information on this canoe I would be very appreciative(year,make,model,any history,and possible value)because I guess I'm not sure of what I have and I would like to restore and use this canoe the right way. Thank you Rich Hoogkamp,Adirondacks,NY
There are not many records available to identify a canoe with a three digit serial number and I don't know any manufacturer that commonly used a dash in their format. Is your number followed by a space and two more digits indicating the length in feet? Let me know which digit is the least clear and I will take another look at the records. You may want to try a flashlight at a very low angle to emphazise the shadows or a crayon with paper like a grave stone rubbing. You may be able to identify your canoe from other characteristics described at in the Wood Canoe Identification Guide. It would also be helpful if you could post some pictures here along with the length and a few more details about your canoe. Feel free to reply if you have any other questions.