scratches on planking?

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I just removed the canvas from my 16' Chestnut and almost cried while I was doing it...Nothing wrong with it and it was watertight...BUT.....I had 3 broken ribs that needed to be replaced.............When I got the canvas off, I was confused when I found scratch marks along each side of each end at the bow areas..They look like someone used a Japanese saw on the flat as a plane to "fair" out those areas...Has anyone experienced seeing this in a canoe before...If thats what it was done for...I would have used a sander with 220 on it... I am gonna sand them down a little and then there are a few places that need wood putty to fill in some "oops"es.
canvas scrathes

Fred here
My 16 ft peterborough was or I should say is still that way .Don't worry about it.if you are doing a canvas recover. Nobody will ever know.

Relax and have fun ,
It's very a very rewarding experience


:eek: One of my Peterboroughs is the same, faired with a rasp at the factory
Production methods I guess, Henry Ford would have been proud...
Just doing a 1970's 15' Chestnut Bobs' Special that is the same way. Not to worry, the canvas will cover it up.
Yep, as Andre said, they just knocked the high corners of the planking off with a rasp. Common on canoes from many factories. Just goes to show the different standards set by the original builders and the modern day builder/restorer...
:) Whew!..........Thanks or all that response. I thought I had some kind of a monster that revealed itself when I skinned it!.....Canvassing the OTCA today and am making sure there are no bubbles bumps or surprises after I do do it. I canvassed and filled the 15 Kemmebec boat and was surprised to see that even a loose clinching nail shows thru!...Not this time!:D Once I have that done will then really attack the Chestnut... That should get me through until the next snow flys!:rolleyes: