PennYan Planking gaps

Norm Hein

Canoe Codger
I thought I would take a break from the tedious work of removing fiberglass to a less tedious(?) task of removing the putty between all of the gaps between the planking. These gaps which I assume are there from the original build, are 1/8"+- wide. So when I canvas this I am again assuming that the white canvas will show through on the inside. I'm not sure I will like that. Is there anything I can do to the canvas to color it? Are there other solutions out there other than live with it?

PennYan Planking.JPG
I am not sure I would worry about it. The gaps will likely close up some during restoration - oiling the outside of the hull, multiple coats of varnish, etc. I usually put the last coat or two of varnish on the hull interior after canvas, so the varnish will go through any remaining gaps and color exposed canvas. When you use the canoe, I expect that the canoe will take up even more upon exposure to moisture and weather. Also wonderful canoeing detritus - sand, mud and debris will complete the camouflage scheme.

Norm, I'm a beginner at restoring, but the first canoe I restored (1916 Carlton) had gaps that were about 1/3 again as wide as yours and as I worked the canoe they closed up as Fitz described above. Varnish, oil, water, and canoe durbus will do the trick, most likely. (Durbus -Noun 1. Gaelic for "Canoe Crud." 2. a substance, such as mud or lake muck, that soils someone or something. "... his Pen Yan project so recently and proudly finished was covered in dirt - but it filled in the gaps!")