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:confused: Would anyone have any information regarding Tom McKenzie's water based filler, availability to purchase, and comments on its performance and reliability....I would use it on this 16' OTCA if I could be in the water sooner! I do know that Bill Clement was trying something on a canoe that was curing in his shop when I was there...He also said it dried in a couple of days instead of the standard dry time fillers...I have 2 gallons of his standard filler that will be used on a w/c boat as soon as the I can get the strippping done.Gotta be real cautious re-canvassing this one...Its gonna see some salt water!/B]
I've used this filler - I got the protocol from Chris Merigold. The product is Cecofill, which is an aircraft dacron filler. You order it from Tom MacKenzie. You need two quarts to fill a canoe.

Procedure is this. Wet the canvas to defeat the sizing (lubricant used to assist in weaving the canvas), and apply the first quart of Cecofill. Dry overnight, sand lightly and apply the second quart.

At this point there will still be some weave showing in the canvas. Mix a 50-50 batch of exterior latex primer and lightweight spackle compound and apply. When dry, sand. Repeat until you are satisfied with the smoothness and then paint as usual.

There is no mildicide in the filler, so consider treated canvas or treating it with something first.
It's been a couple years since I last ordered, but at the time Tom was getting $100/gallon. When I called the manufacturer, they said Tom would be the cheapest for canoe builders. Apparently they worked something out because we don't need to be certified for flight... Of course, Tom would be the last word on current pricing...
My current project too.

I too am facing the ultimate alternate filler question.

I have a piece of rot proof heavy weight dacron from Gill and will need to fill it once i dress the canoe with it. This is a new canoe i made from a New form i made from a rotted Penn yan Guide i could not save.

Brian Baker did my 18' Old Town in 1997 and he used latex basement cement. it is a hardware store paint for about $20.00/ gal. it has silica in it. but you have to make sure the silica is fine or your canoe will be like a huge sanding block. Another type has portland cement in it. My OT is going on 9 years and is fine except for the owner induced beauty marks. i talked to Brian the other day. he's been restoring for a long time and his dad before him.

I am not sure how the stuff will adhere to the heavy dacron but I will find out. paint sticks well to it too. Any input is welcome. what's the worst that could happen?
This is what I love about this Association...Ask a question and get the RIGHT information...I have a piece of #8 canvas to do the w/c boat and wonder how that stuff would adhere to it...sounds like that and some COPPER tacks and I would be able to take it out in Casco Bay in Maine and motor on out to visit my brother on the last island out...Of course the weather conditions would have to be ideal or my messages after that could be coming from Newfoundland or England:eek:
Thanks for the input!
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Is Cecofil suitable for use on either canvas or Dacron? I seem to remember someone filling a canoe with this stuff year before last at the assembly.