Sanding Through Canvas Filler


Curious about Wooden Canoes
This is my first time recanvassing a canoe and as I sanded the filler Ican see several spot where the weave is starting to show. Looking for some advice on how to patch these areas. The filler is Clement's recipe. Can I simply refill these areas or do i have a bigger problem? Has anyone tri:confused: ed epoxy fairing compound? Will the paint be enough to fill and seal these spots? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
.02 from me.

I scratched a canoe yesterday all the way to the canvas. Touch up paint did the trick. If you sanded into the weave it would be fuzzy, right? If just the weave is somewhat seen ("starting to show") I would try a couple coats of primer, then paint. If it's fuzzy where you sanded and you have filler left over then use it.

I would not use epoxy for this.

Good luck.
I agree with Dave. The filler penetrates the cotton and solidifies and keeps it waterprooof. The filler also fills the weave leaving a smooth surface for painting. Assuming the filler was applied correctly then all you have to deal with is a cosmetic blemish which can be fixed as Dave suggests.

If, on the other hand, you accidently sanded well into the canvas causing a weakness in the fabric then you can sort of contain the damage with epoxy or polyester body filler. The area effected shoulld be small, no larger than say a dime.

Hope this helps.