RIBS: Cut one side down to 1 3/4 or cut both sides down


East Tennessee Canoeist
Working on a Seliga. Replacing 11 ribs. In his book Joe shows he is shaping the ribs with a sliding jig. No problem. The question is did he (should I) taper both sides of each rib? Rollin and Jerry indicate to taper one side and face the cut side amidship. On my OTCA I tapered from a width of 2 1/4 inches down to 1 3/4 by taking an equal amount off both sides. Which way is what I want to do?

I suspect it's as Dave said, tapered on 1 side. I'd check the book to see if there is any indication there.
I have a few ribs Joe gave me but they are not here so i can't check them.

BTW, I sent you a PM.

Its easy to check from one of the original ribs. Run any thin straight edge along each rib side. If it remains in line with one side and not the other, you'll have your answer.