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I've heard that the records where destroyed and that they started putting plauks on them at some time but maybe someone might have a educated guess on the date of manufacture.
Peterborough #4 cedar rib canoe.
4 8809


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The Peterborough Canoe Co offered cedar rib canoes from the start in 1892 until sometime in the mid 1940’s. They were built on special order for a few more years.
The cedar rib model #4 was offered from 1892 until 1939. After 1939 the model #4 changed model number to #1424.
The practice of stamping the model/serial number into the coaming seems to have ended sometime in the early 1900’s.
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Dick Persson
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Thanks Dick,
I gathered that there wasn't anything to nail it down to close. Just thought someone might know more.

I thought that the last 2 numbers might mean a year, like 09 1909.

Just kinda getting excited about working on it again!