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Curious about Wooden Canoes
We have just got in a canoe from the 1890's - ish that was owned by a well-known Canadian politician of the time, for restoration While I haven't got all the measurements yet, or pictures, we have found the first clue.
The serial number 885 is stamped in the bow, on the rib just where the stem ends.
The decks are curved, ribs tapered and well as outwales.
Does anyone know who built Cedar/Canvas and put the serial number there? We're thinking Chestnut or Old Town but comments and suggestions are welcome.
I have never seen or heard of a canoe from a major manufacturer like Old Town or Chestnut with a serial number on a rib. One of the smaller Charles River Builders near Boston occasionally did this but it usually had three rows of numbers. You may need to consult the Wood Canoe Identification Guide at to see if you can idenitify it from any other characteristics.

Thanks very much - I did a cursory look through Dragonfly's info - nothing yet.
I'll keep looking though and get pictures and measurments.
More information

We have found the serial number 865 stamped on the tib at the stern end as well as the biw. The canoe is 16' long, 31 wide and 12 deep. The ribs are 2' to 2 1/4" in the center tapering to 1" at the top.
Still looking for more info on the possible builder.


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