Peterborough Canoe Build Date

Philip Patrick

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I have inherited a Peterborough Canoe.
Could someone elp me figure out the Production date?

Brass plaque on canoe says as follows
Peterborough Craft Model 44
Serial 7107
Grade VAR

It is 16' long.
Thanks !
Hi Philip,

When Peterborough Canoe Co closed its doors 1961, the serial number records were either destroyed or lost. So to figure out an exact production date is very unlikely.
However, we know that a two or three digit model # were used before 1939, so your canoe was built sometime between 1892 and 1939. It is possible to narrow down this timeframe further, but I would have to see the canoe in question. :)

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Hi Phillip,
Sounds like you have a great canoe! I'd love to see some photos. What seating/thwart arrangement does it have?

I dont know if it will mean anything in terms of dating your canoe, but my #44 has a serial of 6457 and according to the previous (second) owner it was purchased sometime between 1910 and 1914. There also is a #44 in the Canadian Canoe museum that has a serial of 4562 which is dated at 1909.

Peterborough date and seat layout

Thanks both of you. It sounds like it was built sometime between 1914 and 1920. Too bad the records are missing.
The seating is as follows

one caned seat aft , a centre and fore thwart.

Have a great day
Hi Patrick,
I am not sure I helped or confused. I have no proof that the serials are related to the manufacture date, or even if they are sequential at all. It is just a hunch.

Our boats have the same seating arrangement, I imagine that is was a popular one at the time.