Request for more chapter info from a new WCHA member

Los Humungos Paddleos

Curious about Wooden Canoes
I just joined the WCHA. Where can I find more out about the activities of my local chapter? I live in Illinois. Thanks in advance for your help.
Thanks. Follow up question, where should I look for chapter events? Should I just write the representative listed on the link you provided me for the chapter I am in? Thanks again!
Request for more chapter info

Yes, writing directly to the linked chair is probably the best way. I'm not real active in the Chapter, due to kids who run my life...
Ditto what Paul said above. Directly is best. Many Chapters have a newsletter and/or e-mail communication tree.
Great Rivers Chapter of the WCHA

You can contact me directly. I am the treasurer for the Great Rivers Chapter, your local chapter. I would be happy to fill you in on our activites.