Rebuilding an old canoe


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I have been working on rebuilding an old canoe and I am using the canvas and filler technique. I am to the point that I have applied the canvas filler to the canoe and after it (3 coats) has dried over night there are some spots where the weave in the canvas still seems to be visible in small areas. My question is should I go back and put another coat of filler on the canoe or will it be fine with the very small canvas weave spots showing that I can see? Maybe once I paint the canoe and it has sat and dried for 3 weeks like the directions say all will be well too.

Thanks for any help
Here are some pics of the progress so far at various stages


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I think it's pretty cool. It's a skin on frame canoe. Maybe a Trailcraft.??

I think that once you put primer and paint on you'll be just fine. Well done.
it was built from plans found in a boys life magazine from the 1940's. its called a canuyak (sp?).

The pics on that site look similar to what we built Kathy.

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I've finished my canoe, and wanted to share some finished pictures.


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Its supposed to be around 75 here tomorrow so hoping to get it back in the water then. Had it in the first time a few weeks back and everything went well. Then the second time, one day later we were trying to go from a creek into a large pond that were connected by flood waters. Once we got between the creek and pond in flood water something cut about a 2 foot rip in the canvas bottom between a couple of the wooden strips, and we started taking on water. We got the repair made with a patch when we got home and put some aluminum in the bottom of the canoe to try to add some solidness to the bottom. Hoping to get back in the water tomorrow though now that the warm weather seems to be here to stay for awhile.