Max Peterson

LOVES Wooden Canoes
I'm in the market for a new PFD. Does anyone have a recommendation for one now on the market? (I'm 5'9" and between 175 & 180 depending on the week.)
Hi Max,
have to plug the Canadian companies, actually I have several of their jackets. I adjusted a claim for damage to the building they work out of, all assembled in Ontario and not offshore which is unique for this product. Dont know if they retail in the US, but if our dollar is weak you could make out!
I would totally agree with Andre. Great Paddle/Kayak PFDs. In USA, Salus Marine PFDs are available through REI (Recreational Equipment Inc....only sell Paddle/Kayak models) with stores in Pennsylvania:

Philadelphia Area
Conshohocken/Plymouth Meeting
200 W Ridge Pike Ste 115
(610) 940-0809

Pittsburgh Area
412 S. 27th Street
(412) 488-9410

Pittsburgh - Settlers Ridge
600 Settlers Ridge Center Drive
(412) 747-1180

Or in New York at Battenkill Valley Outdoors, 1414 Route 313 12816, Cambridge, New York; (518) 677-3311

Hope that helps.
Try a lot of different ones on, see how they fit, & how well you can move in them (especially paddling movements). One that works for me may not be so good for you. Just as important are the other features: pockets, clip-on thingies, whatever else looks handy. I probably tried half a dozen before I bought my last one, but it's so comfortable I've forgotten to take it off after laoding boats, & tried to drive off with it on. Seat belts don't work so well with pfds... :D:D:D