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I just contacted my representative who just happens to chair the inland fisheries and wildlife committee
The Hon. Herbert Clark
i suggest that you likewise contact him
use website
type in Herbs name and your comment herb lives in Millinocket and looks out for our best intrests I for one dont want to sit in my Canoe all day in august Fishing for Togue when its 90 degrees out with a pfd on.
Cold Water Version?

I personally think that one should have been given enough brains when born to know when to put on the pfd, but maybe a life or two could be saved with a "cold water" version of the bill. This will not help the folks who feel compelled to float their boat in the wee hours of the morning at a party on the lake. (I seem to notice a connection in the news reports among, "canoe fatality", and "late night party", and "victim was not wearing a pfd", but I haven't bothered to do the statistics, just call me crazy.

In the great State of Massachusetts, where all risk has been ruled illegal, they have us wear a pfd from September 15 to May 15 to assist in recovering the body in Cold Water..:D , which makes some sense to me even though I wear a pfd probably 97% of the time anyway.

I should note that I have noticed this cold water law ignored 97% of the time too, so it could potentially be a good revenue generator anyway!!

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Folks at the WoodenBoat Forum are indicating this bill was withdrawn last week. I can't confirm, but sounds good to me.