Peterson row boat?

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Ok, its not a canoe, but I found this locally. Described as a 1931 Peterson row boat (motor boat). It does not look like it was set up for sailing. I have looked on the net and this great site, but have not come across information. I have not contacted the owner yet, because I wanted some info first. Obviously it needs work. Transom and new canvas. Any ideas? Thanks,
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Not much on the web about Peterson Row Boats. They were one of probably hundreds of wooden boat builders in the first half of the last century in Wisconsin Here is what I found.....
I repaired one about a year ago that looked similar to this one but it was strip built. This appears from the photos to be plank and rib-wood/canvas construction. The owner states that the fiberglass is peeling off and may have been covered with canvas.
If I recall correctly, the Peterson Brothers use to work for Shell Lake and started their own canoe/boat company.

They made them the same way Shell Lake and Thompson did so they could be a bit difficult to ID as to who built which one if you don't have a tag on it.

My brother has a Peterson Brothers 16' Prince model canoe that has a tag on the deck.

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I know of at least THREE Peterson boat firms in Wisconsin. All were independant of the others had had NO connection with each other:

Peterson Brothers Boat at Shell Lake, WI - operated from circa 1929 to 1958 building boats (the company actually still exists, making fiberglass tanks)

Peterson Boat Works at Hayward, WI - operated from the 1930?? to 1965 by Charles Peterson and later his son Henry. In 1965 the firm was sold to Bernard Grove and operated as Peterson Boat Works, Inc. for a number of years

Peterson Builders, Inc. at Sturgeon Bay, WI - maker of large commercial and military ships

Come to think of it, the one I worked on was a Hayward Wisconsin built Peterson boat. There was a tag on the deck....