Locate serial number on a possible Old Town row boat


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I am trying to figure out if the boat I might buy is an Old Town or some other brand. I heard that the serial number would be either on the stem or on the transom. There is a board added to the inside of the transom as a motor mount. I was wondering if the serial number might be under that board. This is a canvas covered wooden row boat approx. 9 feet long. The rib banding is very similar to an Old Town. It has a breast hook, oar locks, and stern thwart/seat is two pieces.

An Old Town boat's serial numbers are usually on the inside stem in the bow and in the stern on the top edge of the transom or on the top edge of the inside center brace between the bottom of the transom and the hull. It is not likely that a board on the inside face of the transom would be hiding a serial number.