Peterborough?? No serial #???

Charles Moore

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First -- let me say this is one of the finest and best run sites I have enjoyed in a long time!!

I have learned a lot by poking around -- But I think I need some help... I have inherited a camp that includes some canoes ==== in particular one that the family has always referred to as a Peterborough. It is 11.5 feet long; wood and canvas painted green, bow and stern seats both caned. I have tried all the tricks mentioned in your threads, plus a couple I know of, but cannot find even a smidge of marking that is or could have been a stamped serial number on the stems. Also, no remnants of decals at all.The only thing I find is an aluminum tag affixed with brass brads to the gunnel in front of the front seat ---- this has " TA217 " stamped in it... this does not square with things I see on the postings here.....

Supposedly it was bought new in the 1958-1962 era so mother-in-law could handle it alone!!! After reading one person's posting about a "shorty" Peterborough being a "squirrelly" boat and both my brother and I being dumped by this boat more than once -- I am more certain it is one of those!!

I really would like to know more about this--- as I would like to be able offer it for sale being able to give sure knowledge to the buyer.....

The loons are calling on the lake as I write this!! --- Charles Moore