Peterborough Mermaid

Claude Delisle

Curious about Wooden Canoes
Picked up a Peterborough Mermaid today. Stem stamps are: 9014 1814
Does anyone have information on the year, build records or whatever?
No records are known to survive, and nothing can be gleaned from the serial number itself.

Mermaid was offered 1951-1962.
I think mine is no. 1763 from '52/53. If it's a '54 it'll have the 75th anniversary decal. My July '58 boat strangely enough doesn't have the 1814, just a 4 digit serial number, and it's at the bow instead of at the stem. It also shows every sign that it was made by Chestnut. The earlier one has almost round thwarts and rounded off seats. The later one has flat thwarts and much sharper edged seats. The size/shape appears identical though.

Hope that helps a bit.


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