1. R

    Help identifying 15'9" Canoe in Kawarthas

    I am trying to identify a canoe I bought to restore but just don't have the time. I'd like to know what it's worth so I figured a maker would be a good start. I have a few pictures but can take more of specific areas if it helps
  2. jam010148

    Peterborough Canoe Model

    I purchase a canoe listed as "possibly" a Peterborough Champlain Pleasure model but not certain of model. I pulled the model number list from the site pages. The canoes listed with dimensions 16' X 33" X 12" are Algonquin, Huron and Champlain but the serial number on the...
  3. C

    First Post and a Question

    Searching for clench nailing information I came across this site. Now registered I would like to extend greetings to all, to introduce myself and ask a basic question or two. As a child I spent my summers in Ontario by a small lake off Georgian Bay. The family cottage, now my sister's...
  4. B

    1958 Peterborough Capella

    Hi there, This is my first post here. I've been reading a lot of information over the years about cedar strip boats and canoes. I've even done some restoration on a Giesler 16' canoe for my inlaws. Well, I'm looking for information because I have a restoration project that I'm working on...and...
  5. Sean Dugan

    Vintage Peterbourough Canoe and Craft pair found in Scotland 30/805

    Dear folks, A very special and ancient pair of Peterborough boats (canoe and craft) have been uncovered over in Scotland and I am helping the owner find out more about them. Any help would be most appreciated. I think they could be approximately 100 years old. The canoe Model is 30 and Serial...
  6. millie_sass

    Three Rivers Chapter - Project Canoe For Auction At 2018 Assembly

    The Three Rivers Chapter has completed the restoration of a Peterborough canoe for auction at the July 2018 Assembly in Peterborough Ontario. This 7 minute video shows the process from start to finish. Please come ready to bid on this outstanding canoe. You will be glad that you did.
  7. millie_sass

    Three Rivers Chapter - Project Canoe For Auction At 2018 Assembly

    The Three Rivers Chapter of WCHA has been restoring a Peterborough canoe for auction at the July 2018 Assembly. The attached video (~6 minutes) shows the process as of 1 May 2018. Just a little bit more to go. Please come prepared to bid high for this wonderful canoe that has been restored so...
  8. millie_sass

    Chapter Project: Canoe For Auction At July Assembly

    The Three Rivers Chapter is restoring a 1953 Peterborough canoe for auction at the July 2018 Assembly. The restoration process is being captured and is available at the Friends of WCHA Facebook Page: Painting will be done as soon as the filler is...
  9. P

    Looking for Peterborough Canoe Part

    Hi, I recently restored an early 20th century Peterborough canoe. I am missing one of the metal Peterborough stamps on the side. Does anyone have any similar stamps for sale, or know where I can find one? Attached are some pictures of the existing metal stamp on the canoe. Thanks!
  10. Lastkozak

    Peterborough Minetta

    Hi, I picked up a Minetta last weekend, and will be repairing her over the winter. Could use any references or resources anybody has to insure I get it right. Do not want to defile her by using the wrong materials. Would like to keep her as natural as she was when first made. Also do not...
  11. B

    Help in identifying Peter borough canoe

    I am seeking help in identifying a canoe that I believe to be a Peterborough sailing canoe. The canoe was purchased in 1956 from the estate of an orthodontist in Reading PA. The canoe had been kept in a camp that he owned (I believe) in Ontario, but was brought to PA as part of the estate. AT...
  12. C

    Peterborough canoe c. 1908? What's the deal?

    So I am writing a report on a particular canoe that we had to survey as a project. Well everything was going fine until I started having reservations about the date that they have listed for the canoe. They say it was made in 1908. However the decal is the "registered trade mark" version. I'm...
  13. Claude Delisle

    Peterborough Mermaid

    Picked up a Peterborough Mermaid today. Stem stamps are: 9014 1814 Does anyone have information on the year, build records or whatever?
  14. P

    Peterborough Speedster Model #s and production years

    The Curator of the Canadian Canoe Museum (Peterborough Ontario) provided the following comments to my inquiry as to dates. This may assist those interested in dating their craft. "A quick but informative survey of PCC catalogues shows that the Speedster's model number in 1951 was #182. From...
  15. MGC

    Cedar strip keel bedding

    I am not very familiar with cedar strip canoe construction but it's time to learn. Mine leaks a bit under the keel. I presume that the person that varnished it 10 plus years ago removed and replaced the keel and did not bed it properly....I am only guessing. Are these keels bedded? Is there a...
  16. L

    Peterborough cedar ribs

    I have bought recently in France a wonderful cedar ribs canoe built by Peterborough. This boat is 16 feet length and seems to corresponds to model number 4 or 24 in the reprint catalog. It has also a serial number, and it is the aim of my message to know when this canoe was built. The serial...