Peterborough Craft, Model 606, nr 7903, Canvas Covered


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I´m looking for information on the above, or below canoe.
Peterborough Craft, Model 606, nr 7903, Canvas Covered.
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The first three digits are the model number and the next four are the serial number. Unfortunately, when Peterborough Canoe Co closed in 1962 the records were lost or destroyed. The model number 606 identifies the canoe as an early one, likely built between 1909 and 1923. To narrow down the build date further, a couple of pictures would be helpful showing the decks, seats and gunnels as well as a general side view.

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I have a Model 604. I beleive they are similar canoes the 606 and the 604. 606 was a 17' and the 604 a 16' The 17' had no sponsons the 16' had the option of sponsons. Not to many of these survived and I beleived most were sent to Europe especially the earlier models circa 1909 to 1923. It would be good to exchange pictures and the history of your canoe. Larry Clark
The 1923 price list I have states a follows:
model 604 - length 16', beam 33", depth 12", weight 65lb, capacity 500lb, price was $80 in first grade, 74 in second
model 606 was 17', 35", 13", 75lb and 650lb, $84 or $77

Model 604 listed as standard pleasure and cruising model, 606 and 608 are guides canoes and are also used as large size pleasure canoes.
Similar yes, but it depends on when they were built. :)

The 600 model series Peterborough canvas covered canoes changed dramatically during their first 10 years offered. Initially the 603 to 608 and 623 & 624 models were constructed on the old wide board forms.

Their grade B models 644, 646 and 648 were built on new forms and it is this series that later became their standard canvas models 604,606 and 608.

The company exported a great number of canoes to Europe, but the majority of those were actually the all-wood models. There are still many 600 series canvas covered canoes around, especially the later 604 model.

Dick Persson
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